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PIKO Profile
KLUŚ Design

PIKO Profile

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Minimum width and height
Small bending radius

Produkt billeder

Tekniske oplysninger

Dimensions 1000 × 10 × 7 mm




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Installations placering

Indendørs, Udendørs

Monterings Metode


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Max LED Strips



- furniture and decorative lighting.


- to the surface, suspended or recessed, using dedicated accessories, with double-sided adhesive tape or mounting adhesive,
- the cover is cut to the length of the profile,
- easy assembly and disassembly by snapping in and out.

Teknisk Info

- possibility of making a linear fixture with IP67 protection, which means the fixture is dustproof and waterproof
- frosted covers (diffusers) and aluminum-colored plastic end caps are available for this extrusion
- fast and reliable installation of sealed LED strips "5-KLIK" (LED strip in a special silicone sleeve ensuring increased tightness)
- ideal for use in bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity
- space for LED strip: 7.2 mm

Profile bending
Minimum internal radius: 150 mm
Minimum external radius: 150 mm

- minimum radius - bending radius which when exceeded causes destruction (deformation, bending or lack of compatibility with other accessories, e.g. covers, end caps, etc.) of the profile
- internal radius - refers to the profile bent so that the cover is facing the inside of the arch
- external radius - refers to the profile bent so that the cover is facing the outside of the arch
- irregular curves are possible after consultation and individual quotation
- when bending anodized profiles, one should be aware of cracking of the anode coating (which may be more or less visible depending on the radius)

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